Training Workshops

Bonnie is available to present 1 ½ hour information sessions on specific topics as well as half and full day workshops to a variety of audiences (parents, Speech-Language Pathologists, support personnel, school teams). Workshops are tailored to the needs of the audience and could include information from the following topic areas.  Please contact Bonnie to discuss your needs and work with her to develop the workshop that you need.


Introduction to Speech Sound Disorders:

  • Speech development
  • Types of Speech Sound Disorders
  • Treatment principles
  • Teaching strategies
  • Use of feedback
  • Therapy ideas
  • Classroom Strategies
  • Partnering with the SLP


Assessment and Differential Diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

  • What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech?
  • Characteristics of a deficit in speech motor planning
  • Collecting Background Information - Key factors
  • A review of standardized assessment tools
  • Informal measures  - Dynamic motor speech assessment
  • Differential Diagnosis:  Apraxia, Dysarthria, Phonological, Mixed


Treatment Planning:

  • Treatment recommendations (intensity, frequency, duration, number of targets, types of targets)
  • Motor Speech Hierarchy
  • Goal development
  • Session organization
  • Identification of functional target words


Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Effective Intervention Strategies

  • Principles of motor learning
  • Importance of multi sensory cues
  • A review of treatment approaches and programs
  • Strategies for improving speech movements in children with CAS
  • Effective strategies for repetitive practice
  • Prosody intervention
  • Introducing Augmentative Communication
  • Measuring Progress
  • Problem solving slow progress
  • Partnering with Parents


Treating Toddlers and Young Children with Suspected Childhood Apraxia of Speech  

  • Challenges of diagnosis and treatment of children under the age of 3
  • Early characteristics of motor speech disorder
  • Dynamic assessment tools
  • Diagnostic intervention – focused stimulation / motor planning approach



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"Please let Bonnie present this to ALL SLP’s!! I love how she provided the just right amount of video clips to explain therapy hierarchy, movement breaks to explain how our brains work, allowed for questions throughout the workshop and gav…

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Bonnie is available for direct assessment and treatment services as well as to consult with parents, treating Speech-Language Pathologists and other professionals regarding Childhood Apraxia of Speech, persistent speech sound disorders and evidence-based practice.  

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Bonnie provides a variety of seminars and workshops designed to give participants the knowledge, skills and tools they need to effectively support children with speech sound disorders.  Bonnie is known for workshops that are energetic, interactive and packed with “use it tomorrow” practicality.